Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We believe that everyone needs privacy on the Internet. Although not everyone reads the privacy policy, we will take all reasonable measures to protect any personal data that you can provide us.

Under «We» or «Site» is understood the site for, online magazine about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

«User» or «You» is any person who uses the site. “Privacy Policy” or “Politics” is a site privacy policy.

This privacy policy and the conditions of use together are a legally binding agreement. By entering the site or using it, you agree with them. If you do not agree with the privacy crypto – Page 14 policy or the conditions of use, please do not go to the site.

Changes in privacy policy

We can change, supplement and otherwise change this policy without prior notice. Changes come into force from the moment the new version of the policy on the site is posted. Visiting the site after making changes to politics, you agree with the changes.

Data collection

You provide part of the data consciously using certain parts of the site. Part of the data is assembled automatically. Some site options (for example, voting, notifications, comments) are available only if you submit some data (name, age, mail address, phone number, etc.D.).

Also, for access to our content, you can register through your social networks. In this case, we can access some data of your profile, including your name, email, address, photo, gender, birthday, place of residence, photographs, videos, friends list, subscription list and subscribers or your posts and likes.

We can also automatically collect data such as the type of browser, OS, IP address, domain name and / or date / time of your visit to the site.

We can use cookies, but you have the right to change the browser settings to refuse to automatically accept Cookies or notify their use.

We can also use geolocation technologies to determine your current location. You have the right to disable geolocation in your browser or device.


We collect personal data exclusively for the following purposes:

  • Providing technical support and fulfilling your requests. To fulfill the requirements of the conditions of use and policy and prevent potentially illegal activities on the site.
  • To ensure your security.
  • For customization and personalization of content (targeted advertising and t.P.).
  • For an internal analysis of how you use the site to improve it.

Data processing

We comply with the requirements of the law, and therefore:

  1. We process personal data honestly and within the framework of the law.
  2. We collect personal data only for the above purposes and in a reasonable volume.
  3. We process personal data only if it is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the policy and the conditions of use, the legal obligation or for the purpose of our legitimate interests, if they do not contradict your interests of confidentiality.

Providing data to third parties and website management

We do not provide your personal data to third parties other than for the provision of technical support and in cases provided for by law. In other cases, we request your consent to provide data to third parties.


We use several technologies and processes to protect the user’s personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Nevertheless, we understand that in the world there is no way to guarantee to eliminate such risks. In case of hacking, we are not responsible for the illegal actions of third parties, hackers, crackers and other violators of the conditions of this policy, who may try to take personal data partially or completely or use it for their own purposes.

We also are not responsible for the content taken from our site by third parties without our permission.

Access, updating and deleting personal data

If you want to change, update or delete any of your personal data on our website, write to info@forklog.Com.

According to the EU laws, European users have the right to request from us a report on all their personal data that we store. In certain circumstances, they can request the removal of their data.

If you have questions about this policy, contact us at info@forklog.Com.

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